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Veoh Web Player is a web video downloader and player
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Veoh Networks, Inc.

Veoh Web Player is a web video downloader and player. It works with, a web video search engine. The desktop application that you download from is virtually useless by itself. It doesn't have a search feature built-in for finding new videos on The only way to download videos is download them from the website. And, in my experience, not all videos were downloadable. I found the "download" button for just a few of those videos, and when I did click it, it asked me to download some codecs because the video couldn't be played by the desktop web player. That was simply disappointing.

Veoh Web Player can be used to download the videos off the website to your computer and to upload new videos.

You can add videos from your computer and play them with this player as well. There is a library that will show all the content that you have added and you can even create playlists.

In short, Veoh Web Player is an OK player that needs system codecs to work. It can't download every video on and it really doesn't have the most intuitive interface, nor good help.

José Fernández
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  • Most videos aren't available for download
  • It is not intuitive at all
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